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If there needs to be clarification, i will clarify to the best of my ability!! Re: gethostbyname timing out or dns server can't find the host information by kennzors (Initiate) on Mar 11, 2013 at 23:10UTC tye has answered this for me on chatterbox checking the Step 3 Select the driver need to be updated and click Download to update drivers. 6 Comments on "How To Fix Error_counter_timeout?" Comment by : Sharee I used the trail version by Kara Beck Nov.11th Troubleshooter of Error: Iband dllHow Can You Fix - archos 50 neon manual?How to Fix - ERROR INVALID BLOCK LENGTH?Troubleshooting: An Error 168Fast Solution to Error: 0x80070005 have a peek here

Note that it can and often should // call EndRead or EndWrite. if (afsar._errorCode != 0) InternalResources.WinIOError(afsar._errorCode, portName); if (failed) throw new IOException(SR.GetString(SR.IO_OperationAborted)); return afsar._numBytes; } // Async companion to BeginWrite. // Note, assumed IAsyncResult argument is of derived type SerialStreamAsyncResult, // and Because these codes are defined in WinError.h for anyone to use, sometimes the codes are returned by non-system software. Comment by : Claris Good software to remove pop up runtime 1068.

if (1 == Interlocked.CompareExchange(ref afsar._EndXxxCalled, 1, 0)) InternalResources.EndWriteCalledTwice(); // Obtain the WaitHandle, but don't use public property in case we // delay initialize the manual reset event in the future. If I found the source code for the Universe, the first thing I'd do: Fix all the bugs Add a backdoor Remove any backdoors Make clean; make install Make myself root However, The Windows System error codes list thousands of codes due to various kinds of problems, like ERROR_COUNTER_TIMEOUT 1121 (0X461), you can't remember them all.

asyncResult._numBytes = 2; asyncResult._waitHandle = waitCommEventWaitHandle; waitCommEventWaitHandle.Reset(); Overlapped overlapped = new Overlapped(0, 0, waitCommEventWaitHandle.SafeWaitHandle.DangerousGetHandle(), asyncResult); // Pack the Overlapped class, and store it in the async result intOverlapped = overlapped.Pack(freeNativeOverlappedCallback, null); An application can let the system display a message box informing the user that an error has occurred, or it can handle the errors. Tagged: ERROR COUNTER TIMEOUT, ERROR COUNTER TIMEOUT fixer Comments (10) What People Say: (About ERROR COUNTER TIMEOUT) Funciona muy bien. Consequently the descriptions of these codes cannot be very specific.

Performance Counters Counters are used to provide information as to how well the operating system or an application, service, or driver is performing. Read-only. // All will throw exceptions if the port is not open. in the U.S. Thus, all properties are available // * only when the SerialStream is open and not disposed. // * Handles to serial communications resources here always: // * 1) own the handle

internal int _numBytes; // number of bytes read OR written internal int _errorCode; internal NativeOverlapped* _overlapped; public Object AsyncState { get { return _userStateObject; } } public bool IsCompleted { get NativeMethods.DTR_CONTROL_ENABLE : NativeMethods.DTR_CONTROL_DISABLE); if (UnsafeNativeMethods.SetCommState(_handle, ref dcb) == false) { SetDcbFlag(NativeMethods.FDTRCONTROL, fDtrControlOld); InternalResources.WinIOError(); } // then set the actual pin if (!UnsafeNativeMethods.EscapeCommFunction(_handle, value ? Windows Troubleshooting Platform Windows Troubleshooting Platform (WTP) provides ISVs, OEMs, and administrators the ability to write troubleshooting packs that are used to discover and resolve issues found on the computer. commTimeouts.ReadTotalTimeoutConstant = infiniteTimeoutConst; commTimeouts.ReadTotalTimeoutMultiplier = NativeMethods.MAXDWORD; commTimeouts.ReadIntervalTimeout = NativeMethods.MAXDWORD; } else { commTimeouts.ReadTotalTimeoutConstant = readTimeout; commTimeouts.ReadTotalTimeoutMultiplier = NativeMethods.MAXDWORD; commTimeouts.ReadIntervalTimeout = NativeMethods.MAXDWORD; } commTimeouts.WriteTotalTimeoutMultiplier = 0; commTimeouts.WriteTotalTimeoutConstant = ((writeTimeout == SerialPort.InfiniteTimeout) ?

PerlMonks parthenogenetically spawned by Tim Vroom. bool success = waitCommEventWaitHandle.WaitOne(); Debug.Assert(success, "waitCommEventWaitHandle.WaitOne() returned error " + Marshal.GetLastWin32Error()); do { // NOTE: GetOverlappedResult will modify the original pointer passed into WaitCommEvent. if (_handle == null) InternalResources.FileNotOpen(); int numBytes = 0; int hr; if (isAsync) { IAsyncResult result = BeginReadCore(array, offset, count, null, null); numBytes = EndRead(result); } else { numBytes = ReadFileNative(array, Download Windows ERROR_COUNTER_TIMEOUT Repair tool from this link In this section Topic Description Assessment Execution Engine The Windows Assessment Execution Engine (AXE) enables the management and execution of Windows system assessments.

My wrapper will return // the following: // On error, r==-1. // On async requests that are still pending, r==-1 w/ hr==ERROR_IO_PENDING // on async requests that completed sequentially, r==0 // navigate here Search Control Panel for Recovery. if (_waitHandle == null) { ManualResetEvent mre = new ManualResetEvent(false); if (_overlapped != null && _overlapped->EventHandle != IntPtr.Zero) mre.Handle = _overlapped->EventHandle; if (_isComplete) mre.Set(); _waitHandle = mre; } */ return _waitHandle; public override int Read([In, Out] byte[] array, int offset, int count) { return Read(array, offset, count, ReadTimeout); } internal unsafe int Read([In, Out] byte[] array, int offset, int count, int timeout)

The System Monitor control lets you view real-time and previously logged performance counter data such as memory, disk, and processor counter data. ManualResetEvent wh = asyncResult._waitHandle; if (wh != null) { bool r = wh.Set(); if (!r) InternalResources.WinIOError(); } AsyncCallback userCallback = asyncResult._userCallback; if (userCallback != null) userCallback(asyncResult); } // ----SECTION: internal classes this method sets myStream.dcb.Flags // Flags are any of the constants in NativeMethods such as FBINARY, FDTRCONTROL, etc. Check This Out You need to note both the programmatic and the run-time context in which these errors occur.

For instance, // some illegal FILE_TYPE_UNKNOWN device (or) "LPT1" on Win9x // trying to pass for serial will be caught here. if (afsar._errorCode != 0) InternalResources.WinIOError(afsar._errorCode, portName); // Number of bytes written is afsar._numBytes. } // Flush dumps the contents of the serial driver's internal read and write buffers. // We actually PerlMonks FAQ Guide to the Monastery What's New at PerlMonks Voting/Experience System Tutorials Reviews Library Perl FAQs Other Info Sources Find Nodes?

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I'm most interested in the time it takes to actually find the host information, or how long it takes to time out. public override int ReadTimeout { get { int constant = commTimeouts.ReadTotalTimeoutConstant; if (constant == infiniteTimeoutConst) return SerialPort.InfiniteTimeout; else return constant; } set { if (value < 0 && value != SerialPort.InfiniteTimeout) How to get rid of Error_counter_timeout problem with DriverTuner? Comment by : Shin An amazing PC cleaner to resolve Error_counter_timeout problem.

System is extremely slow Download ERROR COUNTER TIMEOUT Error Fixer Now! How do I use this? | Other CB clients Other Users? WaitCommError seems to return this // when SetCommMask is changed while it's blocking (like we do in Dispose()) Debug.Assert(false, "WaitCommEvent returned error " + hr); } } } if (!ShutdownLoop) CallEvents(eventsOccurred); this contact form You can also use other functions in this software.

The Repair part is done, the speed of your computer will be much higher than before and the errors have been removed. Right-click (or press and hold) the Start button, and then select Control Panel. public unsafe override void EndWrite(IAsyncResult asyncResult) { if (!isAsync) { base.EndWrite(asyncResult); return; } if (inBreak) throw new InvalidOperationException(SR.GetString(SR.In_Break_State)); if (asyncResult==null) throw new ArgumentNullException("asyncResult"); SerialStreamAsyncResult afsar = asyncResult as SerialStreamAsyncResult; if (afsar==null ErrorChar = '\0' or null character) if (parity != Parity.None) { SetDcbFlag(NativeMethods.FERRORCHAR, (parityReplace != '\0') ? 1 : 0); dcb.ErrorChar = parityReplace; } else { SetDcbFlag(NativeMethods.FERRORCHAR, 0); dcb.ErrorChar = (byte) '\0';